With emphasis on cyber security, integrated technology, and consistency we securely process your documents and provide a prompt response.
PRONTO protects lender’s interests, whether is a conventional, private or hard money, by examining in depth the title of the property to check for any
encumbrances such as liens, judgments, and other title issues in order to issue aclean lender’s title’s insurance policy.
Through our fanatical dedication and excellent communication, we are your Full-Service Partner on every transaction.

These are some of the services we provide for Investors working with PRONTO:

  • A single point of contact
  • Title search and examination.
  • Municipal lien searches and examination, including clearing and/or mitigation.
  • Homeowners Associations (HOA) payoffs an estoppels
  • Mortgages, liens and taxes payoffs
  • Survey order and review
  • Production of closing and conveyance documents
  • Disbursement of all funds after closing
  • Deed and mortgage electronic recording in the official records
  • Title insurance issued by the largest title insurance company in USA